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December 12, 2016

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MR. DONALD TRUMP: What a group. What a group. Beautiful. Thank you very much, everybody. Appreciate it. I hope you're clapping for Alan, not me. Right?


MR. DONALD TRUMP: Thank you.

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  Thank you, Mr. Trump, for being here. It is great to have you in Aiken, South Carolina and you can tell the enthusiasm in the crowd is palpable and people are so excited about you and your candidacy. They're really excited to hear what your plans are for our country. I'll go ahead and take a couple minutes just to kick it off and then we'll jump into the questions.

MR. DONALD TRUMP: Okay, very good.


MR. DONALD TRUMP: You know, I just want to thank everybody in South Carolina. We've done so-

Speaker 3: I love you!

MR. DONALD TRUMP: I love you too. I've been here so much over the last really two year period, but before that also. A special place, special people, but you know, Alan, no matter where I go, all over the country, it's people that are incredible people that want to see us make America great again. That's what we're all doing and that's what I'm doing and that's what we're all doing, so important and I'm still funding my own campaign. I'm not asking for millions of dollars from all these guys. Every one of these guys, they're putting in millions and millions of dollars and you know what that means. That means that whoever gives them money has plenty of control over the people and I'm not doing that. We're going to do a real job. The poll numbers have been phenomenal. You've seen them all over the country. They've been phenomenal and by the way, in South Carolina, they've been beyond phenomenal. They've really been good. I just want to thank you. We're all friends and we're all looking for the same thing. We're looking to work hard and do a great job and we just want to do something fantastic for our country. We have a lot of problems. We have a lot of leaders and one in particular that's doing a horrible, horrible job. A horrible job.

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  I think they want the volume turned up.

MR. DONALD TRUMP: You need volume? Volume? Yeah, turn up the volume. Sure. How's your speaker system? Is it good? Is the volume good? Turn up the volume.





ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  Can you all hear him in the back? No, they can't hear. They're waving.

MR. DONALD TRUMP: Can you hear now?


MR. DONALD TRUMP: Isn't that better? See, now the difference between me and a politician, other than Alan, is that I wouldn't pay the first contractor. I said, "You did a lousy job. We're not going to pay you." Right? Whereas a politician will pay them 100 cents on the dollar, even though their system was not good. All right. This sounds better. Is that good up there? Can you hear us? All right. I think we should start all over again, then. Right? I said before that the people of South Carolina have been amazing. The people of the country have been amazing. They used to use the word silent majority, and then for some reason, that word went out of vogue a little bit but I don't even need that because the words that we really use now, Alan, you've been hearing it, is sort of the noisy majority. People are so enthused and they're so energetic and it's been so incredible. I went to Mobile, Alabama. 35,000 people. Oklahoma, 20,000. Dallas, Texas, the Maverick's arena, packed. 20,000 people. No matter where we go, it's incredible. The level of enthusiasm for our country ... It's not even me, it's for the country, is so incredible. Thank you. Thank you all. I appreciate it.

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  You know, Mr. Trump, we were in the back just talking a few moments ago and what was striking to me is he said that he's not looking for endorsements from politicians and famous folks. He's really looking for your endorsement, but I just read recently that Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, said some extremely complimentary things and it's amazing the diversity of people who are talking about you around the country.

MR. DONALD TRUMP: Well, we have so many people that have and I'm not looking for the endorsements. When you get somebody like Franklin Graham, who I have such respect for Franklin and for his family and for Billy Graham. Billy Graham is ... I go to the Crusades. It was incredible. It was just incredible.


MR. DONALD TRUMP: Franklin Graham said such incredible things yesterday and I just appreciated that. We get a lot of endorsements. I don't ask for endorsements. I would say somebody like Franklin and others mean a lot, but honestly, generally speaking, I think endorsements don't mean that much. It's what you say. It's your track record. I've built a great, great company. It's been amazing. If you remember when I did the filings, they were so disappointed. They said, "Wow, this is an unbelievable company. Everybody is going very little debt, tremendous income, the best assets. Some of the greatest assets in the world." Everybody was extremely disappointed because they thought, "Oh, gee." The reason I tell you that and it's so important is that we need that thinking, in terms of running our country. We have 19 trillion dollars in debt and it's a mindset. It's just a mindset. These people don't know what they're doing and now they did this horrible budget that was just approved a week ago. It took them, what? Two hours to approve a budget of the biggest budget ever. We're going to need another 2 trillion, so the 19, which is really 19, not 18. It was 18 a short while ago. Now it's 19. It's going to go up to 21 and it's just out of control. The country is out of control. If you look at everything we do ... We're going to get to some pretty interesting questions and pretty detailed questions on constitution and other things, but you look at everything we do. We make an Iran deal. We give these terrorists ... I mean it's a terror nation. We give them 150 billion dollars. They're allowed to self-inspect. Can you imagine their self-inspecting? They're going to self-inspect. They're going to tell us whether or not they're doing a ... "Good sir, please tell us, are you doing the ... ?" They go, "No, we've just inspected the site. No, we're not." It's crazy what's going on and then we have the 24 day clause where we take 24 days before we can look. But what a lot of people don't know, before that clause kicks in, it could take many, many ... It could take forever just to have it start the clock. Then on top of everything else, we don't even get our prisoners back. We get nothing. You look at that stuff. Think of it. We give them 150 billion dollars. 150 billion and we don't get our prisoners back. They know exactly what's going to happen. They're now going to start a brand new negotiation to give us our prisoners back. They're already said, "We're not giving 4. We're giving 3." We have 4 and it should have been at the beginning, Alan. It should have been at the beginning. 3 years ago. This is the longest negotiation I've ever seen. 3 years ago, they should have said, "Listen. Before we start, we want the prisoners back. Got to let them go." Okay? Got to let them go. They should be out. I mean it's the art of the deal but it's so simple. It's not even the art of the deal. It's common sense. It's 101 but we would have said 3 years ago, whenever ... It probably started longer than that. I've never seen anything like it. But 3 years ago, they should have said, "We want them back. It's good for you, good for us. You don't want them. We need them. Our people need them. It's going to be easier to make a deal. It's going to be a lot nicer for the deal." They would have said, "No," and we leave. Say, "Bye bye." Then we double up the sanctions, right? We double up the sanctions and I guarantee you within 48 hours, they're calling back saying, "Okay. You're going to get the prisoners back." I say, "Good." Then the next thing I would have said on the deal, "We're not giving you any cash. We're not going to give you cash." They would have said, "We want the money." I don't think I've ever said this one before but it's true. With all that, I wouldn't have given the cash back. They said, "We want the money." "No, no. You can't have the money. We'll make you a deal, but you can't have the money. Too much. Can't have it. We don't have it. We owe 19 trillion dollars. We don't have it. We're not getting the cash back." They'll get angry. We'll walk up, double the sanctions. They'll say, "Fine." Then we'll start a negotiation. But the worst thing about it ... All right. Go ahead. Clap. You know, it's funny. I haven't said this but recently, I got a great review on speaking ability. They said, "He's good." But they said, "He's got one problem. His speaking is wonderful and the crowds love him but he's got one problem. He speaks through his applause. He says something, everybody goes crazy, and he starts speaking before the applause." That's because I'm so excited. There's so many things we have to do, I don't have time for the applause. It's true. I was thinking about it and I notice I was doing it the other day. I was getting these big beautiful applause and I'm speaking and speaking and you kill the applause, but I have so many ideas. I'm so excited about what we're doing. I mean we can actually ... I've just been starting to say it recently because I met the people. I've gotten to know so many. We have such incredible people. I really believe we can actually make our country not only great again, but greater than ever before. We have a chance at making it greater than ever before. I really believe that. I've just started saying it. The people are amazing. All right. Enough of that.

On Judicial Philosophy

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  All right. Well, let's go ahead and jump into the questions. Now, y'all don't applause so much. I've got to read the question. All right? First thing I want to say is the role of the president is so important, Mr. Trump. The reason I believe it is, as an attorney general, we're constantly fighting the federal government and a lot of the things ... We do a lot of our fighting in the court system. The president appoints lifetime appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court and the appellate courts and the district courts. The problem we have is that a lot of times, when the president is gone, the appointments that he leaves behind on the bench are there for a generation or more to come. There are 4 members of the Supreme Court who were born in the 1930s, which means the next president could appoint nearly half the Supreme Court, depending on how long they serve. My question to you, Mr. Trump, is what types of people are you looking for to serve on the Supreme Courts and what would you want to know about them before you put them in a lifetime appointment?

MR. DONALD TRUMP: All right. Well, I'd want conservative people. You know, there is a chance that the next president is going to get 4 people. I mean that's a tremendous ... That's sort of the luck of the draw, maybe. But there is a good chance I would have ... In many respects, they're among the most important decisions you can make and especially when you get 4, you can tip the balance back to where it should be because the balance now has gotten not so good. It would be very interesting to see. Number one, I'd want conservative people. I'd want strongly conservative people, but I'd want great scholars. I would really want really smart ... We're talking about the Supreme Court. I would want really great legal scholars. I want people that follow and admire and respect our constitution because, you know ... Right? I mean we have decisions coming down, Alan, where it's like we don't even have a constitution. So many decisions are made and they're so badly made. The constitution is very important, but I do want ... We want top of the level up here. We want smart, we want conservative and we want people that are truly in love with the constitution.

On Executive Action

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  The next area I'd like to talk about ... I guess I've got to let them applause first. Executive actions have been a sore point for many attorneys general around the country, Mr. Trump. This president doesn't like to go through Congress. Y'all have all heard of the phone in the pen, right? He's got a phone and a pen. Well, that's not in our constitution. You have to go through Congress and the executive branch enforces the rule of law. Oftentimes, this administration has gone around the legislative process. Namely, Yucca Mountain. All of you for 30 years have been paying into a nuclear waste fund to fund the exploration of Yucca Mountain to be our national nuclear waste repository. Unilaterally, the administration shuttered that after billions of dollars are spent, money that you spent in your utility bills and said, "You keep your nuclear waste states. We'll keep the money." Also, the immigration overreach that the president had last year. Just two examples. Which executive actions of this president do you disagree with the most and how would you approach the use of the executive order in your administration?

MR. DONALD TRUMP: Such a great question. You know, executive action. Most people have never even heard of executive. Usually, you had to get Congress. You had to talk the senators into it. You had to talk your congressmen into it. You had to deal with all the people. You know, you have your 3 branches and you talk to them and you get something passed. There's compromise and sometimes we don't like the compromise, but there will be compromise. But that's the way the system is supposed to work. Then all of a sudden, I started hearing, "Oh, well he tried. He can't do it." Boom. Another one. Boom. You have these executive actions. I don't even think he tries anymore. I think he just signs executive actions. The one good thing about an executive action is that the new president can go in. You don't have to go through Congress. You can just ... He's a great lawyer. You can just go and sign and it's over. Right? It's true. An executive action can be de-funded, whatever you want to call it. It can be unsigned so quickly by the new president. What you do is you go in and I think probably within the first hour, it could be within about 2 minutes after I take an oath, assuming I'm lucky enough that we get the support and we get out and vote. We have to get out and vote. I would be getting rid of a lot of them very quickly in the first hour. One of them would be immigration. He signed an executive order where people can just pour in. Now Alan and a lot of people got very involved with that, and actually shockingly not doing badly in court. Isn't that amazing?


MR. DONALD TRUMP: Yeah. Isn't that amazing?


MR. DONALD TRUMP: But I'll make it easier on Alan. You won't have to waste your time in court because that will be out. That'll be gone. You know, they're appealing it. They'll be appealing it, but you've had some very good luck in court. I would get rid of that. I was in Laredo, Texas and the border patrol ... They're great people. They really want to do the job. They want to do the job. They're told to stand there. Just don't do anything. These are unbelievable people. They called me. I didn't call them. They wanted to have a meeting and they want to do the job and they're told, "Just let them come through. Let them come through." You see the scenes. You've seen the pictures. If we don't have a border ... Remember this, we won't have a country. We won't have a country. People are coming through by the thousands and the tens of thousands and the hundreds of thousands. We can't let it happen and we will build a wall and it's going to be a real wall. Believe me. It's going to be a real wall. It's going to be a real wall. See the way I let you get through that whole thing? I'm learning. It's going to be a real wall and look, I would say "We're going to have a door. The door is going to be a big beautiful door and people can come into our country, but they have to come in legally. They have to come in legally. They have to go through a process and they have to come in legally." If they don't come in legally, we don't want Keith and we don't want Jamil and we don't want all of the tremendous crime that's taking place which turned out to be ... Alan and I were talking. When I first announced, I talked about illegal immigration. I never took heat like that in my life, including this week. It was not as strong, nearly as strong. Then within 4 weeks, all of a sudden, I was like the mainstay. Everybody was coming to me. They found out I was right about illegal immigration. I actually said, "How much longer can I go like this?" Then I doubled down. Rush Limbaugh, who is a good guy, said, "I never seen anybody take heat like him," right? Rush was out there and he was going, "Wow. He's taken more incoming that any human being I've ever seen." Then he doubled down because I actually had a news conference announce that I'm right 100 percent, and it's even worse than I told you. That was really wild. But within 4 weeks, it was all ... Now it's a big topic of conversation and I think if I weren't in the race, I don't even think they'd be talking about illegal immigration. Somehow, the reason the polls went way up is because when I mentioned the situation that we have, because we have a very serious situation with radical Islamic terrorism. Politicians don't want to talk about it. I mean they just don't want to even mention. We have a president who refuses to use the term and he doesn't want to use the term, so I've used the term big league and I talked about what we have to do. We have to get our arms around this or we're going to ... We don't want people coming in and knocking down World Trade Centers and having what happened last week in California, with these two people, that radical, crazy, horrible people. We don't want what happened in Paris and what happens here. We don't want it. We have to get our country under control. All of a sudden, I see the same thing. It was pretty brutal 4 days ago for Trump. Do you agree? Look at her. She's saying yes. Now all of a sudden, everyone's coming in saying, "You know, he's right." I'm even seeing liberal hosts and people. They're saying, "You know, he's got a point." Now they're saying that the so-called wife who came in on a fiancé visa ... Okay, give me a break. Finance. She came in on a fiancé ... Well, she came in and she told lots of lies and everything else. She should have never been allowed to come into the country but now a lot of people that were very strong against me a few days ago are saying, "Well, you know, there is a point. There is a point." I think a lot of good things are going to happen but we have to be tough. We can't be so politically correct, and that's the way it is. Thank you. Thank you.

On Federalism and the 10th Amendment

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  Mr. Trump, the next area I want to talk about ... We talked about the role of the courts and the president is going to make appointments or nominations to the court that will be there for a lifetime. I want to talk about federal government agencies that meddle in our lives day-to-day. In the last 5 years, I've dealt with many states fighting the EPA, the NLRB, the Department of Justice, just to name a few. One of the things I try to tell these folks is if you look to the constitution, the constitution is like a handbook. When you buy a VCR or something, it comes with a handbook. It says, "This is how you operate this piece of equipment." Article one says, "President or Congress, you have these duties." Article two says, "President, you have these duties and authorities," and Article three says, "Courts, these are your powers." The Tenth Amendment says anything not listed in the handbook goes to who? The states. Us. You. Many people who sit on the boards of the EPA, the NLRB, the DOJ and many others don't understand that. What kind of appointees would you place in those agencies and what would you like to know about them before you put them on there?

MR. DONALD TRUMP: Well, first of all, I agree with that 100 percent. You take an example. Common core is a disaster. I've seen it and it's a disaster, right? You're just to use that as an example. Where you have in Washington, I mean you have bureaucrats who are making a tremendous amount of money and they're telling children and parents of children in South Carolina and in Iowa and in all of the different places I'm going to. New Hampshire. Massachusetts has been so incredible, too. Massachusetts, we had 48 percent. Can you believe it? A 48 percent rating in Massachusetts with 15 people. That's I think because Tom Brady likes me. I have to say that. Tom Brady is a great guy. I think that helped, right? Wouldn't you think that probably helped? Tom encores such a total disaster. To see that somebody like Jeb Bush is in favor of common core is ... I don't know how you would win. I see parents and I see so many school systems now ... Because I'm all over. I'm going all over the place and I see parents that are really smart with such love for their children and the other children, and they meet around a circle and they have their principle and they really get it. That's where education should be, not based in some bureaucrat that makes a lot of money in Washington that knows nothing about South Carolina. Knows nothing. That's really, Alan, and my opinion, where it should be. To me, that's almost the best example but there's so many other examples. Wherever the state can do it, I'm all for it because it's more localized. The people care more about their particular area. That's all right. They're friendly. They're friendly. Wherever the state can do it, I'm all for that. Where they're representing anybody or just wanted to make a little noise.


MR. DONALD TRUMP: Thank you very much.

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  Okay. We're going to move now to the EPA. Anyone ever heard of the EPA? All right.

MR. DONALD TRUMP: You don't want to hear too much about them.

On Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  Some of my friends who are attorneys general refer to it, "the eliminate prosperity agency," but I want to talk about it real quick because they've got a lot of controversial rulings coming down. One dealing with clean power and the other one dealing with waters of the U.S. For those of you who don't understand or haven't heard of it. You definitely understand it. Waters in the U.S. is a redefining of what constitutes a waterway that the federal government can regulate. Now when I think of waterway, you think Mississippi River, right? Multiple states, it's navigable. Well they have tried to redefine waters in the U.S. to include low lying, ephemeral ditches. Think of a ditch on the side of the road that's filled with water just for a couple of weeks out of the year. Maybe a waterway on a golf course or someone who has a small business and you have a low lying area that's adjacent to a river. That could be regulated by the federal government. In order for you to build on it or use your property, you would have to go to the federal government and ask permission. I call it lands of the U.S. because it's a land grab. The EPA and other agencies have also played favorites in favoring wind and solar over other more affordable sources of energy such as nuclear and coal. How would you balance the need to protect a livable environment with the reality of the cost of regulations?

MR. DONALD TRUMP: Okay. You know, one of the things that's very interesting with the EPA ... I was reading the other day and a friend of mine said, "It's unbelievable." He has a farm and he has puddles. You know, it rains. You have puddles. They consider that a waterway or they consider that water. Regulated water. The guy is being driven crazy. A friend of mine is being driven crazy with the regulations. I'm going to get rid of the regulations. Now we want to have clean air, we want to have clean water. We do want to have that. We want to have clean air, clean water, and beyond that, we have to be very careful because we're becoming non-competitive with other nations. Now in the old days, we sort of had a certain strength. We've lost so much of that strength with manipulation of other currencies, with all of the EPA regulations and many other regulations. I'll give you one regulation. I build and I build a lot of stuff. I go into areas where they have tremendous water. I won't use names, but tremendous water. There's never been such a thing as they're short. They have too much water. All right? You have sinks where the water doesn't come out. Right? We all know. You go buy a new sink and you turn it on. I want to wash my hands. You have showers where I can't wash my hair properly. It's a disaster. No, it's true.


MR. DONALD TRUMP: It's true. I have showers. I just put them in a big job and I say, "Oh, how do I get ... ." The water doesn't come. I call the head of it, Kohl, who is a great guy. Herb Kohl is a great guy. I call, "Herb, this shower is terrible." "Well, there were strictures. There's strictures put in. Now, there's no water problem. It's one thing, maybe in the desert. The problem is you stay under the shower for 5 times as well. You end up wasting more water than you would have the other way. I won't use the example of toilets because it's sort of gross, right? Let's use it anyway. No water comes out. People are flashing at 7, 8, 10, 12 times. The end result is it's no good and they end up wasting more water. Those are the regulations that we have. I can name hundreds of them like that in the construction because that's what I do. I'm in so many bad regulations. I'm telling you, you go get yourself a new sink, get yourself a new faucet and you turn on that water and the water drips out so terribly. It's really bad. They've over-regulated and they've really created problems, so many other problems like that.

On Obamacare

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  Now, we're going to turn to Obamacare. I've been involved in 2 law suits to try to overturn Obamacare in the court system. Those receipts that were lost by the states in a 5 to 4 decision, which goes back to my previous question about the importance of electing good judges. If you're elected president ... By the look of this crowd, it looks like you got a good shot.

MR. DONALD TRUMP: You'll be very happy. We got to go in properly. That I promise, I promise.

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  Would you work to repeal Obamacare, and if you were successful-


ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  What would you replace it with?

MR. DONALD TRUMP: Yes. It's funny ... Over the last number of months I've been in a lot of speeches, I've said a lot of different things and the wall gets tremendous. We will build the wall and that gets to many. One of the others ... I mean a number of ... Frankly a lot of them do. One of the ones that get so much is the repeal of Obamacare and replacing it with something so much better. We will repeal Obamacare. Remember the 5 billion dollar website? Okay, 5 billion dollars. That's the way our country is done. 5 billion that didn't work on top of everything else. It still doesn't work. I don't know if you've been reading the papers lately but the honest papers, and even some of the less than honest papers ... Because the press is not an honest group of people, you know. We're looking at all those cameras back there. When I go home today, Alan ... Alan, when I go home today, my wife will ask me if there were many people at the event. Because it's on live televisions. It's all over the place, and my wife will ask ... These people actually have the best seat because they're going to become famous. They may not look like they have the best seat but if they want to be famous they have the best seat, okay? Because you've got the ... Who had better hair in the back, Alan or Trump?

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  That's not a fair question. I got no chance.

MR. DONALD TRUMP: Obamacare-

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  Can I borrow some of it?

MR. DONALD TRUMP: Obamacare has become such a big thing. If you look at the papers, it's failing badly. Now, they don't want to build it up but it's failing badly. By 17, just by luck ... Because whoever wins is going to have a big problem, and hopefully it's going to be me because I know how to fix problems. I'm going to have it repealed before then anyway. By 17 it implodes because the wrong people are signing up, not enough people to signing up. It's a disaster and the people in here, you know what I'm going about. Your rates are going up 25, 35, 45%. You're deductibles are through the roof, you practically have to be dead in order to collect a deductible, right? Right? Stand up, stand up. Are you right? Stand up mom. Right?

Speaker 4: Yes.

MR. DONALD TRUMP: Everybody wants to stand up because they're all saying yes. The rates have gone up, the deductibles have gone u. I don't mean gone up 2%, I mean gone up ... Rates have gone u 35, 45, sometimes over 50%. On top of it, it's no good. What we're going to do is we're going to come in with a fantastic system of all of it. We're going to get rid of the insurance companies. By the way, insurance companies have done really well. They have made such a fortune, and guess what? They contributed big league to Obama. Okay, give me a break. We're going to get rid of the artificial lines, okay. This is a case where we're going to open up the boarders, okay. We're going to take those lines. If I go out to ... I have a lot of employees in a lot of different states. If I go out to build on something in a state, let's say I'm in New York and I want, let's say South Carolina, a company to bid. It's almost impossible. It's almost about ... Because they all have their little monopolies and in South Carolina they have their monopoly and everybody ... Now here's the nice part. All of these companies have given a lot of money to every candidate. If that candidate wins, they're going to keep their lines, they're going to keep their monopolies and the rates are going to ... It's going to be no good. Because the Obamacare is going down, with or without Justice Roberts. Obamacare is going down, you understand what I mean by that. I will tell you this, Justice Roberts really let us down. He really let us down. What he did with Obamacare was disgraceful. I think he did that because he wanted to be popular with Inside the Beltway or something. Because he did it the first time, he should have never done it. That would have killed it. It would have been so badly wounded the second time that it would have died even faster than it's already dying. Justice Roberts should never ... There was no legal reason. He's a great legal scholar, he knows it better than any of us. There was no legal reason why he should have not ended Obamacare the first time or the second time. In particular, the first time. The second time it was even clearer. While we're talking about supreme courts, we're talking about supreme court judges. He is so disappointing to me but ... With that being said, I hope I don't have a case before the United States Supreme Court any time soon. That's the way I feel, I don't care. We have to get rid of the lines so that we have many companies bidding. We have many companies. You'll end up with plans. There are things in Obamacare you just don't need, you don't want it, you don't need it. It's so crazy. The things you don't want that in theory it's all being paid for. You'll end up with so many options, so many plans and the insurance companies are going to have to be sharper and smarter. They're not going to have the monopoly like they have. You get rid of those lines and you watch what happens. Your numbers will come down, your plans will be fantastic and it'll be a beautiful thing. A lot of people say, "Well, why didn't they do it the last time?" They didn't do it the last time because the insurance companies had all your politicians taken care of. Me, they can't take care of me. They can't touch that, they can't do it. That's the only reason. Everybody knows that's the answer but it never happens. Even I was surprised last time because they were so close to doing something and I feel sorry for Alan. I don't think this has ever happened to Alan before.


MR. DONALD TRUMP: Lucky enough. You know, that's the beauty of our country, that you can say that. Honestly, in a way, that's the beauty of our country. You know what, I'll be honest, for the last 7 years we should have been doing of that. Because we should have been doing that. We should have. We're too nice. We're too nice but things are happening that are very exciting.

On Current Supreme Court Justices

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  Well, you were talking about Supreme Court a minute ago. Do you have a favorite Supreme Court Justice?

MR. DONALD TRUMP: Well, you know, it's very interesting. I told you about Justice Roberts, I was so disappointed in him. Alito is terrific, but I'll tell you something ... We have 3 or 4 who are very good. I'll tell your men that I think he's highly underrated, he's been so consistent for so long and we should give him credit, Clarence Thomas, right? We should. We should give him ... Scalia is terrific but Clarence Thomas has been so consistent. It's very interesting I was at a thing similar to this recently with a lot of great legal scholars and it was a room of about 800 people, mostly lawyers. I just said Clarence Thomas and I got a standing ovation. I was shocked. He's been very, very strong and consistent and I really respect that.

On Dodd-Frank

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  I'm a fan too. Okay. I want to talk briefly about Dodd-Frank. Don't worry, this isn't boring, I just want to say that Dodd-Frank is to the financial industry what Obamacare is to the healthcare industry. An attempt to centralize power in the hands of a few unelected bureaucrats who seek to rule through administrative fiat. Attorneys General have combated Dodd-Frank over the last several years because we believe that it's unconstitutional, at least in how it's implemented and some of the tenets of it, they're certainly unconstitutional. It's making it increasingly more difficult for real Americans working, the pay check to get their hands on capital. As president, what would you do, or would you scale by Dodd-Frank? What would you do to help with these lines of credit to many who are suffering on Main Street?

MR. DONALD TRUMP: Okay, it's such a great question. The Dodd-Frank thing is a disaster. It's got to be revealed, I mean it's got to be repealed. Look, I know so much about the banking industry. In over the years, I've banked billions and billions of dollars. I just get it, I understand the industry and right now the industry is run by regulators. If somebody like me wants money, I can have all the money I want. I pay almost no interest, it's crazy. I don't need money. I had the head of the biggest bank call me the other day, "Hello. You want to borrow some money?" It's a little sad, you know, because he almost doesn't know where he is. No, it's sad. I don't know of he knows where he is. I always say ... Then tomorrow you'll read in the newspapers. Here we have thousands of people, it's an amazing thing. Again, I wish the press would pan in, I wish the cameras would pan because they never do that. They'll keep the camera on my face and Alan's face. They never show the kind of crowds that we have. They never do that, it's like an amazing thing. By the way, why don't you pan this room and show them how many people are back there. Watch us, pan, pan the room. Look, they don't do it. They don't do it. See, look, the cameras don't turn. Those cameras don't turn. Now, let me tell you, the only time they turned was when you had that one person screaming up there. It's amazing. They're so dishonest it's incredible. No, it's so dishonest. It's so dishonest. I tell you, I tell the story all the time. My wife, she always says, "Were there many people there?" Because it's always on my face, they never move. The only time they move is if there's a protester. They can take those things, turn them into a pretzel. I didn't think ... It's true, Alan. I thought there was a mechanical reason why they never come off my face. It's like this, I'm talking and you hear these swooshes from an audience so you know there's a lot of people but it never comes off my face. Even just now I said, "Pan the audience." Did you notice, they're dead scrap. They don't move them. These guys are given orders I swear. I know the camera operators are on our side but they're given orders that they'll lose their job if they pan the audience. It's disgusting. Whenever there's ... It can be in the corner of a room, if somebody shouts something, those cameras turn so fast, unbelievably. You're very dishonest people. I'm telling you that. Really dishonest, very dishonest. Getting back to the facts of life, Dodd-Frank, not quite as exciting but that's okay. We have to end Dodd-Frank. What happens with Dodd-Frank is the regulators are running the banks. They're running the banks and the people that use it are powerful people. The head of the banks, they're petrified of the regulators. I've had people call me, can I help them get a loan in the bank. I'll call the banker right now, "Don, now you know his credit ... ." I say, "His credit is great." "No, no. It's not good enough." I mean, unless you have 5 time what you want to borrow, they don't lend you any money. They're afraid to loan people money and those are the people that should be able to borrow. Yeah, you may have bad loans everyone, you may have problems, but you're never going to put the economy back to work if people cannot get money from the banks and they cannot borrow money from the banks. They cannot borrow it. I don't blame the heads of the banks because the heads of the banks are powerless. I'm telling you. You have guys in there that are bureaucratic regulators that absolutely control those banks and these chairmen of the banks report to them and they literally are afraid to even talk to them. It's a most amazing thing. That's not the way the bank gives us. You go up, and you go down, and you're going to have some bad loans and all of that stuff, and you want to be vigilant. Hey, I was there when loans were given. If you asked for $100 million, they would say, "You've been rejected, we'll give you $250." I always said, "I'll take it." Right? Why not take it. Then you work it out later. That was great system but you cannot have that. You cannot have that. Now what happens is you cannot get money. People here that want to start businesses or that have really good businesses, or that want to do something with the state tax ... Which I think should be repealed because so many people, so many people because of these state tax are losing their family's money, their family's business. It's being taken away from them. Under my plan, that goes. By the way Alan, under my tax plan, we're cutting taxes way way down for the middle class and for businesses. We're going to simplify everything. We're going to have a nice simple plan. The only one that won't like it is H&R Block in our block because it's going to be so simple, you don't have to give him a lot of money to do it. We have to get rid of a lot of the rules. We have to let bankers, legitimate people go back to being bankers. You want to build a business, you have to be able to borrow money and we're going to put you back in that position. We have to get rid of Dodd-Frank.

On the National Labor Relations Board

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  One of the things that I'm very proud of in South Carolina is we're the second least unionized state in the country. We're a proud people, we love our right to work status and several years ago, unelected bureaucrats of the NLRB tried to prevent a small start up company. You might have heard of it, called Boeing, from expanding its operation to South Carolina. That did not succeed, it was able to go forward. The administration was quiet. They stood by silently when that happened. Would you criticize that as president? What are your general views on NLRB and the unions?

MR. DONALD TRUMP: While I watched Boeing, I thought that was as disgraceful, what was going on. They almost kept them out. You made a deal, and Boeing was coming in, how they got involved in that, I felt that was disgraceful. One of the advantages you have is you have the lower wage which means you might make more money if you're working because you don't have to pay all the dues and all the other things that come with union representation. Now, I've worked with both, because Manhattan, when I built it, it's 100% union. Everything is union, very heavily unionized. Fortunately that market it's always been good for me and it's been a good market and it worked out and I have no complains. The concept of being forced to use somebody is horrible. I felt what happened with Boeing was a disgrace. Was an absolute disgrace. That should never happen again. I mean, you almost lost Boeing, they would have gone someplace else. That was purely a presidential political move because he wanted to pander to the Unions. You cannot let that happen. You have a big advantage down here and you cannot let that advantage be lost. That was not what this group was set up to do. What they did was, frankly, it was a total disgrace. Something happened the other day, I don't know if you saw it. The teams just routinely back democrats, right? Routinely. Because of New York, I've had thousands of teams just working for me. Thousands. They're great people. They're unbelievable people. They love me. They said they put a lot of pressure on Hoffer and the guys that run the team says, "Wait a minute, why are you doing Hillary? Trump is going to create a hell of a lot more jobs that Hillary Clinton." Now, this is whether you're union or not union. I don't know if they're ... They're always go Democrat. I mean, they've almost always gone Democrat. Frankly, they're having an insurrection within the team because people know that I'm going to fix our infrastructure. That's good for you and it's good for the team so it's good everybody. Who is going to fix it better than me? Hillary doesn't have the strength or the stamina to be president. I will tell you right now. She doesn't. It's the right thing but she doesn't have it.

On Veterans Affairs

Mr. Donald Trump: We have to rebuild our infrastructure, we have to rebuild our military, we have to take care of our veterans. Our veterans ... We have so many things to do but one of the things we have to do is just to get off the subject. We have to take care of our veterans, we have to take care of our wounded warriors. Hillary came out 3 months ago, Alan. Hillary came out 3 months ago, she said the Veteran’s Administration is doing a good job. It's one of the most corrupt agencies in government. It's one of the most incompetently run agencies. They have plenty of money, they don't know how to administrate. It's corrupt as hell. Our veterans, I've got to know so many veterans. Every veteran's group that I've dealt with, there's endorsement. We put in a plan that everybody loves, I won't go into it. The veterans have been so mistreated. Illegal immigration and illegal immigrants are treated better than our veterans for the most part. It's true. We're going to change that. We're going to change it. It's so important. You know, they're our greatest people. We wouldn't be sitting here if it wasn't for them. They're our greatest people and we treat them so badly. Alan, 3 months ago they came out with a report, on a Wednesday. I remember Wednesday so much. They came out with a report that if you were a veteran you had, as of 3 months ago, you had the longest wait in the history of the veterans. People are waiting for a doctor for ... By the way, your boy is doing a good job. Doing a good job. Stand up. Come on, stand up. No, no, no, no. Mom.


MR. DONALD TRUMP: I want mom. Are you proud of ... Who's the guy that just stood up? Huh, you don't know him? Huh?


MR. DONALD TRUMP: You could stand up anyway.


MR. DONALD TRUMP: You've done a good job of Alan. A great job. That's mom. Noticed other guys stood up, would rise and say, "Who the hell is he?" We have to take care of our veterans, that the longest wait they'd wait for in five days to see a doctor. They would die. They would die. We lost thousands and thousands of wonderful veterans. If they could have seen the doctor, they could have been taken care of and they would actually die waiting to see a doctor. It could be a simple procedure or a simple medication. We cannot allow that to happen. We're going to take care of our veterans like you've never seen before.

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  Can I deviate for one second. As a veteran, I have 3 brothers who are veterans, I have a father who is a veteran. A lot of members of my family and I see a lot of veterans hats out here. If you're a veteran, or you're related to a veteran, or you're first responder or in law enforcement, stand up and cheer.



MR. DONALD TRUMP: Wow! That's a lot of veterans. Wow! That's a lot of veterans. Beautiful. That is beautiful. Well, we're going to take care of your families, we're going to take care of you. It has to be. Has to be. It has to be. We're going to do a good job.

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  All right. The next issue I want to touch on is The Second Amendment.

On the 2nd Amendment

MR. DONALD TRUMP: That might be the easiest one of all, if you want to know. That might be the easiest one Alan.

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  South Carolina is a very Pro Second Amendment State. I've traveled the state and I've talked to many law abiding citizens who own firearms and they are very concerned. This is what they're telling me, that of the knee-jack reactions of those in Washington DC who want to restrict their right to bear arms because of the horrible and terrible actions of a few, some of who are mentally ill or even terrorists. What are your views on The Second Amendment in light of this?

MR. DONALD TRUMP: The Second Amendment will be totally protected even when I become president that I can tell you. Totally protected. Totally protected. Totally protected. You know, we have a horrible situation that took place a week ago in California. Now, they came in, they shot 40 people, others are dying right now. You'll have more because they're very badly wounded. I have a right to carry, I'm a member of the NRA, my sons are members long time, they're much better. They're much better shots than I am, I will tell you. They're actually really good, they're members. If I were there, if you were there. If anybody here had a weapon, if you were in that room, those people wouldn't have shot 40 people. We might have gone down fighting, but they're going down with us, okay? They're going down with us. No, no, think of it. These 2 animals walk into a room and started shooting. Now, take a look at Paris, okay. Paris. Paris is essentially gun free. It's the hardest place, just about ... I've read, it's just about one of the hardest places to have a gun. France, one of the hardest place to have a gun. Okay. Now, what happens is these people walk in, and the biggest problem with the press ... They call them by the wrong name. They said the mastermind. The mastermind. Then they hear about kids, are being recruited to go into ISIS. They're never recruited, these guys upfront stand up kids. They never recruited these guys. These are hard liners, they're not being recruited. Okay. They can do it. They're young, impressionable and they're watching television and they're hearing about the mastermind. I call them the guy with the dirty heart. It was a disgusting guy. They call him the mastermind. The kids are hearing about the mastermind. He's probably a guy with a very low IQ. He's probably dumb as a rock. What did he do? He got people to walk into a room, and a number of rooms in the case of Paris, and start shooting everybody. The press goes, "The mastermind were under surveillance, we think we have ... ." You don't call them mastermind anymore fellas. Because he's not a mastermind. They glorify them. They make him like Robin Hood. The press glorifies these people and they got to stop. I've been saying this for a week and I haven't heard the word mastermind for a while. It's really amazing because they understand. Look, if somebody were in that room in Paris, you had a hundred and thirty somewhat people killed. Many people dying right now. Seriously, large numbers wounded that are going to be dying. If you had a few people with guns in that room, roped on, taped on to their ankle, put on their belt buckle, put up here, put anywhere. A little fire power would be going in the other direction, you wouldn't have had a hundred and somewhat people killed. You wouldn't have had it. You wouldn't have had it. It's so simple. By the way, if the so called mastermind, the moron, the guy, if he knew that people were in there with guns, they wouldn't have been there. They wouldn't have been there. Alan, one of the things I would do very early on ... In this country we have these crazy rules. We had 5 soldiers killed very recently on a military base. One of them was an extraordinary, highly decorated marksman. All of them were very good. One was like extraordinary, he was like a champion and top of the line. He was allowed to have a gun and it was a gun free zone, on a base. This whack job walks into the base and kills 5 of them. Just boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! They're sitting there helpless. These are great soldiers, these are elite and they were helpless. One of the earliest things I do is on military bases. Immediately, there's no more gun free zones. There's no more gun free zones. No more. Just to finish off on Second Amendment, there's not going not be ... There's plenty of rules and regulations already for guns, believe me. They have a rule now in New York, they want to have very few ... You have a magazine and it hold a lot of bullets, they want to have no more than 7. The good guys ... Now they want to bring it down to 3. The good guys, the law abiding, they're going to say, "Okay, we'll have 3." Do you think the bad guys will say, "Well, the law says I'm going to kill people now but the law says that I can only have 3. I think I'll put in like ... How about I put in as many as I can possibly have." It is just so stupid. I argue with people, they're smart people and they're friends of mine. They're into the whole gun control movement. I just give an example of Paris. I say, "Wouldn't have been better if you had 5 or 6 of those people that happened to have guns?" They cannot answer me. They just cannot. I'll use the other day, a real guy who's always fighting for gun control, and take everybody's guns away. Because they'll take your guns away but the bad guys are always going to have the guns, you're not going to have any guns. I had a debate with him in front of a group of people that was sort of like they didn't care about the issue that much, okay. Frankly, there are people that don't, but most people do. I care about it a lot. Let me just tell you, I had a debate in front of this group of people and I just screamed. There's no way they can win that debate. Because, if in California there was even one gun, two guns, three guns, it wouldn't have happened. It wouldn't have happened. They cannot justify it, and yet at the end of that debate he got clobbered, it didn't change his mind. These are people, they want to take your guns away folks. They want to take your guns away, they want to take your ammunition away, that's the new one. They're finding out, you know Alan, they're finding out they cannot take the gun, let's take the ammunition. Because, you know, there's so many different things. It's very hard playing around too much with The Second Amendment. All of a sudden somebody comes up, "I don't know if you've heard the idea of the bullets. We're not taking the gun, we're going to make it impossible to get bullets." If I'm president, believe me folks, The Second Amendment stays. It stays.

Speaker 7: Hey guys, I want to talk to you just offline for a minute so Mr. Trump is not going to listen. We're at the end of the hour, do you have a problem if we go a couple of minutes over? You're all right?

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  Just a couple of minutes. You got a couple of extra minutes?


On Guantanamo Bay (GITMO)

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  All right. We will do about another 5 minutes. I want to talk about Gitmo. I just joined 2 other states Attorneys General to ask President Obama in a letter not to close Gitmo and not to send terrorists to American soil. Position?

MR. DONALD TRUMP: That's an easy one. Yeah.


MR. DONALD TRUMP: Look at the cameras, they're all turned over there. Look at the cameras, they're all turned over there. Look at the cameras now. Look at those cameras, they're all turned.

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  All right. Okay, we're going to the last question ladies and gentlemen.

MR. DONALD TRUMP: We keep Gitmo. We keep Gitmo.

On the Military

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  One last question. Mr. Trump, as Commander in Chief, how would you provide for the common defense, ensure domestic tranquility and safeguard our nation against growing thefts of terrorism in a constitutional fashion?

MR. DONALD TRUMP: We have to be tough. I heard somebody back there, but I'm not saying. We have to be tough, we have to be vigilant. You know, the police are incredible people. Without the police ... They are not given the credit. They are not given the credit. They are not given credit like they should be. The other day Alan, I got the endorsement from The New England. All of NeW England. The Police Union is up there and all of the police. It was an amazing thing. These are incredible people. They take such abuse. If they open their mouth nowadays, if they talk a little bit loud, they take away their living, they take away their pensions. You're going to always have a problem, you're going to always have a bad one, you're going to always have a bad apple. No matter what business we're in, you're always going to have a bad apple. I'll tell you what, the police in this country are so under-appreciated and I want to give them a hand. Got to give them a hand. We have to practice vigilance and when you see something, you have to do something about it. You have to do something. Up in California, the person said, "Racial profiling." They didn't want to turn him in. I don't believe that, I think that person maybe was involved, who knows. Probably some lawyer said that. This isn't about being politically correct or racial profiling. When you see something wrong, you have to call your local police. They will do an unbelievable job. An unbelievable job.

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALAN WILSON:  Ladies and gentlemen, why don't we give Mr. Trump a round of applause and thank him for his time. Let's show him that South Carolina does it.

MR. DONALD TRUMP: Thank you.